Media and Marketing Strategy

Because of its connection to Stonehenge itself - one of Britain’s most visited and internationally renowned monuments - New Stonehenge has enormous potential to attract positive media coverage. This allows above-the-line marketing spend to be kept comparatively low, for the first three years at least. Media coverage alone will take the New Stonehenge story to a world-wide audience.

Media interest will also generate income from the sale of film, television and photographic licences, so not only will New Stonehenge be kept firmly in the public eye , but these initiatives will also help maximise return on investment.  

Well before any planning application is submitted to the Council, a community engagement and consultation project will seek to engage local residents, community groups, local councillors, the local MP and the six regional MEPs in the area, as well as other interested bodies, such as heritage, tourism, art and cultural organisations.   

Methods to inform and consult may include any or all of the following:

Overall indications to date suggest the community already views the New Stonehenge project positively, and informing and engaging people in this way can only assist in smoothing New Stonehenge’s path through its pre and post-planning and development stages. However, the strategic community engagement plan will of course include drafting counter-arguments to potential objections, and put in place a strategy to deal with unexpected opposition, should such opposition arise.