At this time , we are seeking two types of funding for the project.

Seed funding is required to enable the work necessary to achieve full planning permission from Wiltshire County Council.

Although progress with the planning application  continues, more funding is required in order for our consultants to prepare and submit reports on the various types of environmental impacts, which will  include, archaeology ,sustainability, ecology, visual impact, traffic, social economics, tourism and heath issues.

The planning process should take another year to complete with a cost of approximately £1 million.

This seed capital can be repaid with interest once planning consent has been granted, or it can be introduced as equity.

The next stage is to build the New Stonehenge and make it operational.  

After planning consent has been granted an operational company will be activated.  This company will hold the main funding which will be drawn down in stages to keep the cash-flow in credit as long as practical.

The project has been designed so as to provide alternative qualites.and based on this installation will cost between £25-45 million.